Costa Rica Reduces National Budget for 2019


    Costa Rica is experiencing a crisis due to the fiscal situation that has caused deterioration in the economy, for this reason the Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a reduction of 3.61 million dollars to the budget for 2019.

    The budget was presented to the Congress Affairs Committee, and will increase from 49.61 million dollars this year to 46 million dollars in 2019. The reduction represents 7.28% less than that exhibited this year, according to Epsy Cambell, vice president and country chancellor.

    “We prepare a budget that adjusts to our fiscal reality. The economic moment that our country is facing obliges us to make adjustments within the institution, in order to better manage our public resources, “he said to the deputies.

    Which sectors will have reductions?

    The main reduction will be in operating expenses, which will pass 4 thousand 300 million colones to 2 thousand 660 million colones, a decrease of 38.16%.

    In this aspect there will be a significant drop in the service item, in terms of rental of buildings, premises and land; Print; information technologies; travel expenses and transportation inside and outside the country, among others.

    Likewise, the sub-program of protocol activities will have a drastic reduction of 70%, going from 223 million colones to 67 million colones.

    Also, the item of food and beverages for the attention of high-level official visits, will have a cut of 50%, from 22 million to 11 million colones.

    “We want a ministry with fewer protocol activities and with more results for the country, according to the Government’s priorities. Because diplomacy demands precisely that: results,” said Chancellor Campbell to the deputies.

    The only item that increases is the remuneration, mainly because salaries abroad are paid in dollars and the exchange rate has an important impact on them.