Dominican Republic: tourism continues to rise


    The cumulative arrival of non-resident visitors by area in the January-October period of 2018 shows a total of 5,424,399 travelers, for an increase of 317,247 additional tourists with respect to the same period of the previous year, equivalent to a growth of 6.2%.

    Within this result, non-resident foreigners registered an annualized expansion of 5.0% (221,529 additional passengers), while Dominicans did not.

    Residents experienced an interannual variation of 14.7% (95,718 additional passengers). “The dynamics of growth in the arrival of tourists to the country has been favored by the current conditions of full employment in the labor market of the United States of America, our main commercial partner, which contributed 42.4% of the total number of tourists in the ten months elapsed in 2018, as well as the activities promoted jointly by the Ministry of Tourism and the private sector in the promotion of the country in international markets “affirms the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic.

    Regarding the arrival of non-resident passengers to the Dominican Republic in the month of October 2018, it reached a total of 414,982 visitors, for an increase of 19,316 additional passengers (4.9%) with respect to the same month of the year 2017. Of this increase, foreigners recorded an annualized increase of 4.0% (13,355 additional passengers) and non-resident Dominicans a year-on-year growth of 10.2%, that is, 5,961 more visitors than in October 2017.

    Arrival of foreign Tourists by Residence

    When analyzing in cumulative influx of tourists during this year according to the regions of residence, it is observed that 58.8% of visitors arrived from North America, 23.3% from Europe, 13.6% from South America, 4.0% from America Central and the Caribbean and the remaining 0.3% from Asia and the Rest of the World.

    During the first ten months of 2018, the cumulative arrival of non-resident foreigners from North America shows a year-on-year growth of 8.8%, equivalent to 221,963 additional visitors, most of them from the United States of America (156,746) and Canada (60,856).

    The dynamism of the influx of tourists from the United States of America responds to a large extent to the current conditions of full employment in the labor market of our main trading partner, which contributed 42.4% of the total foreign visitors who arrived in the country during January- October 2018.