Guatemala develops new census – 2018


    The data collection process of the XII National Population Census and VII Housing in Guatemala will continue.

    Since July 23 this census began and extended to August 31 to collect information in areas where it has not been accessed. Through 14 thousand census workers, the field activity has been carried out to consult on type of occupation or work of Guatemalans.

    The first census carried out by Guatemala was carried out by the Catholic Church in 1778 and then in 2002. When it was updated the number of inhabitants moved from 396,149 people increased to 11.2 million.

    From 2002 to date, no statistical process was carried out. More than the simple counting of inhabitants by territory, it is a demographic, economic and social radiography, which allows the elaboration of public policies.

    According to the Ministry of Economy, people have responded about: “How many are we? Where do we live? and what are our job characteristics? ”

    Until August 9, the National Institute of Statistics INE registered 85 percent of the population already surveyed, equivalent to 2.66 million homes.

    Suchitepéquez is the department with the highest percentage of homes surveyed, with 91 percent.

    With the completion of this census, it is expected to collect information on 3.5 million homes throughout the national territory.

    In addition, the INE reminded the population that they can schedule an appointment for the census taker to visit their home, through the number 1514.

    Source: Agexport