Guatemala rejects breaking relations with Taiwan


    The government of Guatemala does not intend to break diplomatic and commercial relations with Taiwan, as El Salvador did.

    Recently El Salvador broke relations with Taiwan to establish them with China.

    In that sense, the Guatemalan Vice President, Jafeth Cabrera, stated that “We have had a lot of cooperation from Taiwan and we would have to analyze it before making a decision of that nature”

    On the other hand, the US Republican senator, Marco Rubio, denounced in his Twitter account the pressures that are exerted with the president of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales and the repercussions that El Salvador will have for having allied with China.

    “People close to my friend, the president of Guatemala @jimmymoralesgt are pushing him to change from Taiwan to China. The leftist government of El Salvador will soon lose US aid, I do not want that to happen in Guatemala too” Rubio wrote.

    However, Cabrera ruled out the elimination of diplomatic relations with Taiwan and assured that “we have not talked about that with the president.”

    Guatemala has had relations with Taiwan since 1935, although it was not until 1960 that an embassy was established in Taiwan.



    Source: Guatemala EFE