Samsung will launch new model S10


    The company of technological devices, Samsung is working on the launch of mobile models at the beginning of the year 2019. In addition to its folding phone, the Korean firm will present three S10 phones that we will see presented at the beginning of next year 2019.

    This way there will be a standard Samsung Galaxy S10 version that will have a flat screen of 5.8 inches, a Premium version of this that will maintain the width of the panel but incorporate the curved edges, and finally a Galaxy S10 model with 6.2 screen Curved inches, the same size as the current Galaxy S9.

    The Galaxy S10 could innovate with a more innovative design: integrate the camera directly into the phone’s screen, which would allow it to further reduce the edges. There will be 6 cameras, two of them on the front and four on the back, thus offering a photographic set superior to the competition.

    The Galaxy S series is the representative model of the Samsung smartphone that sells to more than 30 million units a year.