Laguna de Apoyo is part now of the world best 15 destinations


National Geographic announced on its website “The best 15 tourist destinations where to bathe” among them highlights the Laguna de Apoyo, which is located between the volcanic chain that crosses the country.

Laguna de Apoyo, is ranked number 14 and competes with various places such as:

The Devil’s Pool (Zambia); Pamukkale (Turkey); Grotta della Poesia (Italy); Havasu Falls (United States); The Garganta de los Infiernos (Spain); Kuang Si Falls (Laos); Hamilton Pool (United States); Laguna de Bacalar (Mexico); Charco Azul (Spain); Natural pool To Sua (Samoa); The Great Blue Hole (Belize); Cascada de Agua Azul (Mexico); The Blue Lagoon (Iceland) and Porto Moniz (Portugal).

The website provides a brief description of each of the places and for Nicaragua they highlighted that:

“This lagoon is located in the center of the volcanic chain that crosses Nicaragua. It is one of those places as beautiful as threatened by tourism. Laguna de Apoyo is one of the most beautiful lagoons of the small Central American country. We find it very close to the colonial city of Granada and the department of Masaya. The Apoyo lagoon was originated when the inverted cone was flooded after the explosion of the pre-existing volcano. It has an area of 2,110 hectares and a depth estimated at just over 100 meters. It was declared a natural reserve in 1991 by the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA). The water is a little brackish and the gases that the volcano expels punctually in some places generate sources of attractive thermal waters.”

Laguna de Apoyo is not far from the capital and is an ideal place to enjoy with the company of relatives. It stands out for the blue of its waters, for an excellent flora and variety of animal species that are the main attraction of this site.